ARO Wellness Wednesday

A ten minute weekly podcast focusing on health & wellness. We're all busy people and so episodes are short and to the point. In each episode we explore one, easy to implement strategy to improve your health, wellness, or recovery from training & exercise. 

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“This series of podcasts is interesting and well presented. I particularly enjoyed the introduction 
to plant based eating, which helps to break the myth that a plant based diet is too difficult sustain.”

- Seashore53, 
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“I started the podcast with plant based eating episode and I just love it. It is full of healthy information and its definitely going to help me to take steps towards health betterment. I recommened this to everyone.”

- Moiz Ul Haq, 
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 The best part is that in just 10 minutes Nicky can explain what it takes some folks a lifetime to understand. She brings you simple ways to improve your quality of life. This podcast is one of my favorites!

- Light House Yogi,
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Nicky Ruszkowski

Certified Health Education Specialist, Certified Sports Coach, & Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

I teach people how to use small action steps to improve their health, wellness and fitness. What makes this system different is that it relies on very small, repeatable daily changes that build into significant life change. 

I know it works because its how I was finally able to lose 40lbs, get fitter than I've ever been and safeguard my mental health.

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