Chequamegon 100 mile MTB Race

On June 19th 2021 I officially finished my first 100 mile mountain bike race. This was something I wanted to have bagged before attempting Marji Gesick in September. I wanted to put to bed my two DNFs (did not finish) from Leadville and Marji Gesick 2019. This race would make the start of a new chapter.

Dogs camping
Camp set up the day prior to racing. Dogs standing guard!

Its a 100 mile (actually a little short of 100 miles) race in Wisconsin, and it takes in some beautiful trails. Unfortunately this is not a race I'll return to as long as the same race director is running it. A critical component of any race is that if you promise water stops, you provide them. That said, I loved riding with the other racers and volunteers, the trails and was really glad to finish the race and take the second place. A really positive warm up for Marji Gesick 2021.