Lake Placid Ironman: Race Report 2017

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Started the day with the alarm going off at 4:21…that extra minute made all the difference. Drank a Red Bull and gradually chipped away at eating a bagel and a clif bar. Drank a small bottle of water. Got my gear together and headed for Placid. Parked in an outside lot and got the shuttle into Placid. Found the ultimate…a clean, line free porta potty by the bus drop off…perfect! Dropped of bike special needs and headed for transition. Got body marked, went in and put Powerade and Gatorade mix in my speedfil, and checked my tires. Then walked out to drop off run special needs then went to the swim start to drag my ass into my wetsuit. My morning went perfectly, I stayed happy and calm. The timing wa