Leadville Race Report

Just a heads up, this is long. If you want my final thoughts, skip to the last paragraph, or you could just return to watching videos of dogs on Facebook.

So here goes….Alarms went off at 5am with the goal to be at the start line for around 6:15am. For me, race morning food is a bagel with cream cheese, coffee, and water with electrolytes. I woke up feeling good and ready to go, had breakfast, got dressed and headed for Leadville. Unlike an Ironman, for these bike races you just show up at the start with your bike. It’s so much easier than triathlon. So we made our way to the start line. Kristen, Adam and I were in the white corral, which basically meant we started at the back because we’d got our place in the race by lottery. I had meant to take an ibuprofen and a stinger wafer on the start line but forgot. Not a big deal.