The roller coaster of 2018

Hey team, I’m not even going to start with the now expected apology for lack of posts. This blog post includes mostly racing talk and a few life updates as we get to the start the year. This year has been one with highs and lows but as I enter 2019, I couldn’t be more excited about the things ahead.

I’m going to start with my 2018 race year. For triathlon, this was not really my year. A combination of a lack of quality fitness, a disjointed and poorly planned out race schedule and the lack of a visa that would allow me to re-enter the country precluded my participation in Ironman Mont Tremblant. I raced a couple of early season triathlons, DNF’d (did not finish) at Ratsnake, but still placed at Cooperstown and Keuka Lake. These races a