Tinman 70.3 2017: Race Report

Forewarning: this will be a race report of what not to do, but I suppose these are the ones to learn the most from! Oh, and it’s a long one!

Started with a terrible nights sleep, I was camping but after the torrential rain and forecasted storms overnight, I decided not to put my tent up but to just sleep in my car and not so shockingly I woke up exhausted. I ate a bagel, forgot to take on any caffeine, drank about 8oz of water (at best) and set off to the race venue. I arrived with an enormous sense of dread, I really really didn’t want to be there or to race. I waited to catch up with Jamie (my coach) by body marking, hoping that he’d let me switch to Olympic or Sprint distance. If I had I found him at that point, he likely would have had to deal with me in full nervous breakdown, tears and all. Luckily for him, and probably me too, I didn’t find him and it was getting very close to transition closing so I went and set up.

I saw Jamie in transition and he said he wasn’t ok with me doing Olympic or Sprint distance but he would have okayed Aquabike option (